Esper Kallás


An expert in infectious diseases, Esper Kallás is a physician scientist and Professor at the USP Medical School and led the fight against the Brazilian Coronavirus pandemic at the Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo. He also headed the clinical trial of the Brazilian Coronavac vaccine.

David Watkins


David Watkins is a Professor of pathology at the George Washington University Medical School. He is a basic scientist with experience in the development of prophylactic and treatment approaches to infectious diseases.

Dennis Burton


Dennis is one of the world's foremost monoclonal antibody experts, chairman of Immunology and Microbiological Science at the Scripps Research Institute, California. He is also a member of the Steering Committee of Harvard and MIT’s Ragon Institute.

Michael Wyand


Michael Wyand is an experienced Pharmaceutical Executive who has founded and traded several pharmaceutical companies including companies that produce mAbs. He is a senior professional with executive management experience in both private and public companies.