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George Washington University
Dr Watkins is a Professor at The George Washington University. This unique relationship gives MABLOC access to a depth of resources that would have otherwise required capital for infrastructure buildout. One such example is the GW BSL III Lab.

Oregon Health & Science University
MABLOC has partnered with the Oregon Health & Science University (OSHU) through its relationship with Dr. Jonah Sacha, a MABLOC member. OSHU's Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute is a world leading institute responding to serious viral disease threats, including AIDS, chronic viral infection-associated diseases, newly emerging viral diseases and infectious diseases including COVID-19.

University of Wisconsin
The University of Wisconsin National Primate Research Center is MABLOC’s partner for non-human primate studies.

Utah State University
MABLOC has partnered with Utah State University's (USU) Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Department (ADVS) through its collaboration with Dr. Justin Julander. MABLOC has selected USU's ADVS as the site for all rodent model experiments.

Scripps Research Institute
Dennis Burton is a Professor at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, ranked the #1 research institution in the world by Nature Index (2017). Dr. Burton's lab has collaborated with MABLOC’s scientists, resulting in the conceptualization of MABLOC’s innovative mAb discovery BRAID platform.

University of São Paulo, Brazil
MABLOC has partnered with the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil through its affiliation with Dr. Esper Kallas.
The University of Sao Paulo is the leading clinical trials site in Brazil and will be the site of the upcoming MABLOC clinical trials for all mAbs.

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